Parody: Cure Neurotypicality Now

During a professional development workshop, we were asked to remix images, to swap rhetorical contexts and purposes in order to arrive at a new message. Out of ideas, I decided to parody curebie ads from organizations such as Cure Autism Now / Defeat Autism Now.

No offense meant to neurotypicals. Honest. 159 out of 160 children have a neurotypical spectrum disorderImage text: 159 out of 160 children have a neurotypical spectrum disorder. According to current estimates from the CDC, neurotypicality is on the rise by 6,000 percent in the U.S. alone. Neurotypicality knows no boundaries: It occurs in all racial, ethnic, and social groups and is 17 times more likely to strike girls than boys. Neurotypicality impairs a person’s ability to remain aloof. It is also associated with groupthink, persistent eye contact, enjoyment of social activities, and the inability to memorize bus routes. YOU can help. Donate to CURE NTs NOW and save our children. Neurotypicality: Learn the Signs.