I suppose this is the page where I introduce myself. Hello!

I am an assistant professor of English at the University of Michigan. My academic interests include rhetoric and composition, digital media, and disability studies.

I’m autistic, and I protest Autism Speaks walks whenever I can. Here’s a primer on why Autism Speaks = epic fail. I previously served on the ASAN board of directors as well as the board of AutCom.

Me sitting next to a sign that reads, *For every locked mind, there is a key to find*. I am not amused.
Me next to an Autism Speaks sign that reads “For every locked mind, there’s a key to find.” I am not amused.

I like to deconstruct things, and by “deconstruct,” I mean “break.” I trip over things a lot. (This is me trying to be metaphorical. Literally.)

I type only with my middle fingers. I’m quite fast at it. I’ve been trying to learn home row since the third grade, but I haven’t quite gotten the hang of it yet.

Sometimes, when I’m bored, I type out the lyrics to Electric Light Orchestra songs, just to make sure that I still have them memorized.

I like ELO. A lot.

4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Started reading your bit about the cover of *Women from Another Planet?* but didn’t read long enough to learn whether it was an aquatic child cover on a book you liked or abhorred because the name rhetor caught my eye and sure enough, I’ll be go to hell if you & I don’t have another thing besides the spectrum in common.The difference is you’ll finish the Ph.D. and I won’t, and I’m a product of the Purdue rhet & comp doctoral program instead of Ohio State. Trying to decide whether to do a CCCC proposal but it would prob’ly be the same as last year, which they turned down. They seem to accept my stuff every other year. Anyway, it would be about the rhetoric of demonization. Nice chattin.’ Gotta go read some more student essays and get grading done. Happy enthymeme to you and yours! jean

  2. I discovered you in a search for “aspergers, composition” as I was trying to prepare for talking with my Aspie son’s high school honors English teacher. By occupation I am a psychologist. I work with adults and teens, which means that many times I am working with adults and teens on the autism spectrum (note: I do not treat autism — I treat anxiety and depression, etc.). I LOVE your writing on autism, neurodiversity and the lack of empathy among NT’s. I also am preparing a presentation (due in May) for the Minnesota Psychological Association on neurodiversity perspectives in working with ASD adults and teens. Would you be willing to have a conversation with me via email? Thanks! And, keep writing. I am now a new fan!!

  3. I have enjoyed reading your blog and look forward to reading your work. I’m a PhD graduate in rhetoric from Ohio State, back when there were still rhetoricians in the old Department of Communication. Jim Fredal was a (very talented) classmate of mine.

    My son, now in the sixth grade, is an Asperger’s autistic. His interest in Green Day is nearly a match for yours with ELO. He is working diligently to master the electric guitar.

  4. lol….. My wife sent me a link to your page, apparently with the idea that you might be the woman of my dreams..

    Let’s see… I’m..

    An Aspie? Ding!
    Hyperlexic? Ding!
    Types ridiculously fast using a limited number of fingers? Ding!
    Enjoys writing documentation? Ding!
    Enjoys deconstructing things? Ding!
    Into digital media? Ding!
    Totally digs ELO? Ding!
    Feels it to be important to memorize lyrics? Ding!

    I’ll email her back shortly along with divorce papers. 🙂


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