What I’ve been up to. (Read: dissertating, protesting)

I wake up every morning wanting to blog. And then I don’t — mostly because being ABD (i.e., being in dissertation mode) has required a rather lengthy adjustment process. I like dissertating, so far anyway. But it’s life-consuming.

Our local ASAN chapter protested Autism Speaks earlier this week. I created the following YouTube video, which documents the story.

6 thoughts on “What I’ve been up to. (Read: dissertating, protesting)”

  1. Did many people look at the backs of the “1 in 110” signs? (if they were walking the way of the fronts? They couldn’t have avoided them if they were walking the other way).

  2. Adelaide: Yes — they had the signs arranged so that every other sign was facing out with 1 in 110 and the ones in between had a slogan facing out. So, no matter which way you were walking down the path, you could see the 1 in 110 and various slogans, yikes. There were also lots of students taking pictures with their phones….

  3. Aspie Rhetor,

    While I’m not quie to the dissertation stage (not that far along in school), I just completed my Capstone project and it was life-consuming. I had done so much prepatory work that I expected that it should be relatively easy. But there was just so much information–sorting through it all and processing it for output was all-consuming.

    It passes. Just be sure to schedule yourself some much needed relaxation time when you’re done.

  4. Melanie: I do feel that there needs to be a serious education campaign about taking phone pictures, if there isn’t already.

    Big respect to the protest.

    Yes, the signs in that path were probably unavoidable. Very “in your face”, to coin an expression.

  5. Stephanie: Congrats on completing the capstone project! (Are you completing your BA? I noticed that on Facebook!)

    It’s so hard to find a balance between school and life for me lately — I think it’s partly because school is (and really, has always been) my life in a large way. I don’t know how *not* to do school.

    I can only imagine what post-dissertating life will be like. 🙂 Actually, more than one assistant professor has said that it only gets worse…

  6. Thank you so much. I am finished with my bachelor’s–it’s technically a BSBA-BM (Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Business Management).

    Right now I’m working on getting my business off the ground. If this experience is akin to your post-dissertating life, I’d have to agree with your professor. As unexpected as it may seem, things can get busier and more intense once you actually apply all you’ve learned!

    Next fall I hope to and intend to start on my master’s program in Written Coimmunications. So, I’m sure, I’ll be running headlong into an even higher level of busy. But, I’m hoping I’ll have adjusted to this level by then and be ready for more.

    What are you planning on doing post-dissertation?

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